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…And a lesson learned…


**Disclaimer: The characters in the story below are fictional and any similarity to real life people is mere coincidence**

A man and his wife  laying in bed late at night having a light hearted conversation. It goes a bit like that:

  • Wife: If I died before you do, will you get married again?
  • Husband: If course not!!
  • Wife: No? Why not?? Don’t you like being married???
  • Husband: *Sighs* OK… of course I would get re-married!
  • Wife: *sporting sad puppy eyes* Would you???
  • Husband: I would. But only because it was so good being married to you!
  • Wife: And you would sleep with her in our bed?
  • Husband: Of course honey! Where did you expect us to sleep?
  • Wife: And you would put down my photos and put hers up instead?
  • Husband: I suppose it’s only natural…
  • Wife: And she would drive my car???????????
  • Husband: Of course not… She doesn’t drive…
  • Wife: *long silence*
  • Husband: *in his mind* OH! FUCK!

Lesson learned: NEVER prolongue a subject with your wife/partner/girlfriend/etc more than absolutely necessary… only nod / or shake your head and say “yes dear” or “no dear”… It’s in their nature to read between the lines and understanding ONLY what they want.

THAT tip can save you a headache and a long time in the dog house…

See?? UrbanVox can be educational… :)


  1. LOL, great post! Are we that bad?!

    CJ xx

  2. Meljd46

    And then of course there is that novel thing, which seems rare, of fidelity, which might be a more useful lesson to learn. Sadly it seems despite declaring to the contrary a good proprtion of couples dont intend to stay married to the end of their the first sign of things getting tough they split up.. which begs the question .. should they have got together & had a nice big family party (wedding) in the first place? Did they think long and hard before having children? Do they consider the consequences on the children? I fear not as society these days appears to be very selfish and children are merely a designer accessory to be palmed off at the earliest opportunity. Goodness only knows what sort of a world we are creating ….. Am sure this wasnt the response you were after but .. well it just caught me wrong .. and after all we are all entitled to our own views.. I know mine are old fashioned but thats part of who I am

    • VERY valid point of view and I couldn’t agree more with you.
      To be honest I had no idea what sort of response I was trying to get from the post. I guess the message I was trying to get through was viewed wrong and I can totally see why… :-)
      It wasn’t my intention to condone adultery or anything…
      The message learned there is based on how woman tend to create whole complicated situations out of a figurative story…
      In my head wann’t the man confessing he had someone in mind already… was him using the wrong tense and the woman already imagining more than what was actually going on out of a wrong word put in a sentence.
      I am a big advocate of communication… my marriage was over because all communication bridges collapsed (from both ends) and I had 2 attempts of relationships after that that failed in part because of failure on communicating… or understanding important messages…
      And you gotta admit… women usually do make a storm in a glass of water… is in your genetic code. :-)
      that was the point I am trying go get across: don’t try to complicate something that is simple… and men… learn to laugh… and COMMUNICATE… we men don’t really do that well enough…


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