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One for the Useless Cupids Amongst Us

We’ve all been there – 4pm on the 13th Feb, a hot date lined up for the Valentine night and PANIC! Nothing to wear and no gift bought for your loved one… Well… I have been there… What’s with leaving things for the last minute, right?!?!?Actually… I think this is the only positive thing about being single in February… not having to worry about Valentine’s Day…Of course, no one is as “lucky” *cries a bit* as I am… So here I am with a little cheat for all of you useless cupids like me: This year, Next comes to the rescue by playing Cupid’s assistant with their Valentine’s Gift and Outfit Selector.

And the good news for the less organised amongst us… you can order before 9pm for Next Day Delivery service. If you still need more choice, you can see a further selection of dresses and shoes to make the perfect Valentine’s outfit on

They do all the hard work so you can play it cool and get the cookie points for being a Good Valentine… Next did their part… now you go on and do yours… 😉

Have fun! But don’t do anything I wouldn’t, kiddo (I know that’s not a lot… but hey)! 😉


  1. Jinks


    JUST NO!

    If anyone bought me what Next suggested I would suggest they stick it where the sun dont shine 😀

    Mind you, I would tell them to do that, with ANY Valentine’s gift

    It is a load of commercial claptrap


  2. Jinks


    Its true though isnt it?

    A made up day for companies to make money so :p


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