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The One About Sex Texting


My Phone Sex Secrets (Image from Channel 4 Online)

Yesterday there was a whole banter about a program aired on Chanel 4 called My Phone Sex Secrets I didn’t really bother watching it as it was on… but there were so many people talking and giggling about it that I felt left out and decided I HAD to watch the thing and see what the banter was all about…

Needless to say I did have a good laugh watching it too… and of course discussing (aka laughing) over it with my beloved twitter friends making it specially funny because I know of a couple of people that actually do it for a living or to increase their earnings on their free time… or just for the heck of it.

What? I know all sorts of people ya know?!!?!? Don’t Judge me!!!!! ;-P (lol)

Fact is that you would be surprised as to who does it even in our tightly close UK Blogger Community!!! Yes… the person sitting next to you on the next twitup might even do it! And so what??? I think it’s awesome!! It is fun and it definitely shakes up and turns the heat on in any relationship… believe me… I know! *sniggers*

Chatting and bantering about with a couple of people yesterday on Skype, DMs on twitter and SMS I was surprised that everyone I spoke to last night that saw the show actually seriously considered doing it and thought they could do better than the women in the program… One went as far as looking into how much she could do trying to put a case to tell her husband she’d do it… Hell… Even I considered it… and tell you what?! I bet it would be fun! lol! And being paid to have fun… heck yes! lol!

You all know I am shameless… But am I shameless enough?!?!?!?!!?

Would you????????  Comments… GO!



  1. Hell yep! I would give it a try, although I bet now everyone is having a surge of calls and emails for people signing up! Might find the unemployment rates lower soon!!

    • ROFL!!!! yup!!!! you are right!!!! This might be the response the government people are looking for to end the whole unemployment rates in the country!!!!! LOL!

  2. Kez

    I didn’t watch, and I wasn’t on twitter last night, so I have no clue what you’re on about!
    I’m guessing from this post, that its basically porn by phone?!
    So no. I wouldn’t do that for a living. I’m not saying I’m above this type of thing, I used to write sex blogs,
    but being paid for that feels wrong to me. I have no problem with people that do it, but for me personally,
    I wouldn’t be able to look my kids in the eye!

    • Hummmm… dunno hunny… keeping it under wraps and stuff… Don’t think I’d do it for a main money making thing… but… lol… dunno!
      I guess it is also different for men and women on that… men would probably look at you and laugh with ya… women not so much… am I right?!?!?
      you do make a VERY valid point tho… but still… what they don’t know… lol

  3. Nope. I can’t talk dirty and no one wants to pay to hear blushing down the phone!

  4. Kate

    I have to be honest and say I did consider it, for a flashing moment anyway. I actually started thinking I could probably do a better job. That was until I saw your comment on my talking tots post and saw that you’d put a swear word in it!! Then I realised what a prude I was. So no, I actually don’t think I could, much as I did laugh at the one who ended her sex chat by saying she wanted a cup of tea! (sexy eh?) x

    • Did I swear in a comment????? which one???? lol
      What???? Cupas are sexy and you know it! 😉 lol!!!!!

  5. snafflesmummy

    It really made me think and I would definitely consider it. Work around the children, safe environment, well paid. Seems like a no brainer.

  6. I can see me now staggering round Tesco with the kids whilst texting away furiously!

    • haha…. I can seen you tongue in cheek finishing up your latest command to your sex text slave whilst excitingly giggling away to yourself as you tell him/her: “Kiss my shoes slave!!!!!!!” LOL


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