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When in Doubt…


Just Do it!!!

I know this is not the sort of advice your parents would give you in most situations…

Hell… It is certain not the sort of advice I’d give my children in most situations.

I don’t know if this is good or bad though… We drill our children with so many NOs on their infancy that is not a mystery WHY the future looks so bleak and pessimist… negative…

Fact is that when life comes to the unavoidable end and we look back at all the things we did – and didn’t – we will regret a lot more the ones we didn’t do than the ones we did…FACT.

A VERY wise person told me that once… and one day I’ve decided to apply that one directive in my life… Fact is that as long as I did great and interesting things happened in my life… And they stopped happening when I stopped taking chances…

Fact is that life will always throw things at you… It makes no sense denying that… Change is the one constant thing you can count in life… You either accept that, or let “destiny” wash you ashore when you should be sailing the ocean of life…

Lol… that sounded deeper than I intended… but it is true. I refuse to believe that EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to you happens as a coincidence. I’ve been around the block long enough to realize that there is a pattern… A purpose on anything that happens to you… And the moment we take a chance 2 things can happen: It can go right… and you will therefore you will enjoy the results or it can go wrong… and you will have learned a lesson. Now… The lesson I am on about here is not “give up”… Au contrair… is “learn what you did wrong… try it differently”.

Never doubt yourself… Why? Doubting is like giving one step backwards to every 2 other steps you give forwards… By all means… have a plan… a project… But be ready that it will not be plain sailing as you had planned it to be. Adapt!  Fact is… If you don’t have a go… you will never know…

I’ve had a lot of time to think about “what if”s over the last year or so… I could have done this or that… I SHOULD have done this or that… looking back everything looks so clear… But the fact is that this train of thought didn’t take me anywhere. I can’t change the past… Only thing I can change is today… Tomorrow is a result of that… and tomorrow will bring new challenges… they can be harder or easier… but you live and you learn.

I’ve decided to say YES!!!!

I refuse to not live what life brings to me… I said it once… and I will say it again… In the end… you will regret more the things you didn’t get to do because you were afraid of what COULD happen than the ones you did do…

Go to a nude beach because you can! Take on painting, or photography! Go for a walk in the park because it is a sunny day! Spend an extra hour playing with your children (they won’t be children for much longer, you know that?)! SING! Even if it is just on the shower and what the hell… if you feel adventurous go to a karaoke bar! I’ll go with you and sing too if it encourages you! RUN! even if it is just for 2 minutes because you are so out of breath… BREATHE!!!!! Then keep going!!!

There is more to life than living your day-to-day because you had to and then stop and think: What if…

Take a chance… What’s the worse that could happen?



  1. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens in life for a reason, good or bad, but it eventually means something significant.

    CJ x

    • EXACTLY the way I think… I have been in situations where I had to stop and think and realize “if THAT hadn’t happend I wouldb’t be able to do THAT”… All we need to do is actually keeping an eye open, keep the lessons we learn and put them to good use when you need them.
      simplez! :-)


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