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Learning with My Kids


Living and learning they saw… I couldn’t agree more…

I learn a little bit every day with my sons. And they are invaluable lessons in every subject you can think or imagine.

My latest lesson learned with the Little One for example is that the more you do something that scares you the more you learn to enjoy it… To a poing where it becomes second nature… It’s weird how the brain works isn’t it? Same day I took this photo I spend a good half an hour trying to convince him to go down and toddler’s slide… the he saw the multi coloured one (which was quite a few times bigger than the one I was trying to convince him to go down on a) and I could see the little light in his eyes as my step-dad picked him up and slid with him from the top… his heart was racing so much when he got to the bottom… bit he had that incredible giggle face of his looked at him and said “AGAIN!”

We took turns going back up the slide and going down with him. Even the Big Birthday Monkey left his friends aside a little while to join the fun a few times. Then his mum had a brilliant idea: To sit him beside her and tell him to go… He didn’t think twice, wriggled his bum and went! And that was the beginning of at least another 20 solo slides… And me going up and down with him… just to make sure…

Not too long ago the Little Monkey was stumbling around learning how to walk (and he still spends quite a lot of his time on the floor from one bump to the next… lol…) and now he is full time daredevil little me.

And what do I learn with that? Simple… Scary things can become incredibly fun once you learn to enjoy them… Do something that scare you a few times and eventually it will stop being so scary… There are LOADS of things I could do with a little push down the proverbial slide… Both in my personal and professional life…

*wriggles bum and inches forward*…

Life is a scary place… But if we don’t say YES and lt go sometimes we’ll never know how it was to have lived through it instead of surviving through it… So… well… say yes more often… What’s the worst that can happen?!?!?

*pushes forward and slides down the big slide*

Carpe Diem!


  1. oh dear another step in the independence stakes


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