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The one where I bite the bullet and join #sexysaturday

I know it’s so very not me… at all… After all I always say what I think when I think… it is hard for me not to… Also I consider myself someone with a higher than average confidence… BUT… I don’t think I’m sexy… Can’t be right really… can it?!?!
Well… not all the time anyway I don’t… But there are times I do look in the mirror and can honestly look at the guy staring back at me… Oh… Hello Sexy… hehehe… NEVER in the morning though… That would just be too weird… I’m not a morning guy and all that…
I also never know how to react to compliments either… A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram from the airport on my way to Germany.


 And then getting #ff from @MotherScuffer because I am a “Secret Hunk” or something like that… And then getting a few tweets and comments about “The Beard” apparently chicks dig beards… who would have known that… lol
Fact is that @SunnivaAnne and @DirtyLittleW are right… it’s not about BEING sexy… it is all about feeling it…
Fact is that you can have the most “perfect body” ever, and if you don’t feel sexy, nothing in the world will make you LOOK sexy… Apart from a very few cases for people that could definitely only be defined as Sex on Legs… Bu that is beside the point…
Not that I am implying  that there is such thing as “The perfect body”… mainly because I truly believe that we are all perfect in our own little way. We all have traits and marks, and scars that are unique to use… To me this is beauty! I’ve been asked once why I am not a big fan of photographing professional models… Well… THAT is the answer. I hate pre-defined moulds… I love beauty in all forms, shapes ans sizes…
To me THAT is sexy: Our little imperfections that  make us all unique… so… basically… I can say that for sure….
I’m sexy and I know it! *LMFAO*
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  1. I do dig the beard I have to say 😉


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