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On Diets


There isn’t much to say… I just hate them!! Hate Them Hate Them Hate them!!!
And After Having tried Ducan for the past week I hate them even more…
I don’t get why would people subject themselves to eat tasteless food for… well… for nothing in the world…
I’m done with it!
I love the flavour in food, the taste of the spices and the the mixture of the ingredients forming a recipe or an experimentation of my own… it like “an orgasm in my mouth” as Livi would say…
I can’t do it… nope… Yes, I’ve lost a little over 4kilos in 5 days… but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!
Right… Rant over… Diet over! Ce’st Finite… DO NOT RECOMMENT.
Carpe Diem

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  1. Lol! Love that I got a mention! But yes, diets suck!


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