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The one where I eat snails



What a day!!!!
I’m actually too exhausted to re-tell the whole thing but it was such an awesome day, for a monday in special, that it must be mentioned in the antics of this humble journal. :-)
But I’m exhausted so a little resume it is:

7am, miss train to London, get the next, arrive late to meet Jo & Katie, have laughs and coffee and burgers #filthsquad style, more laughs and drama, and laughs, john Lewis, furbies are creepy!!!! More coffee (chicks at Brent Cross Mall Starbucks know me by name!!! :O ) get stood up again by K (can’t say I’m surprised), awesome Skype meeting resulting in AWESOME contract (Ka-tching), a couple of incredible deals being negotiated for too! Woohoo!!! Proposal for another big job being sent tomorrow (woohoo! I’m on a roll babes!! Specially as this one in already 80% closed!!! 😉 ), Off to barbican, finally meet Sophie the French PR chick (FINALLY)!!!!! Loads of Champagne to be drank and learned about… Yes man says yes to eating snails… I strangely did not throw up! Actually tasted quite alright… Garlicky… French food is still weird tho!!! Train again… Ideas for’s naughty little sister-site (more on it coming up soon), home… Crash in bed… The end…

Phew!!! What a busy day huh?!?!?

Not bad for a Monday… Not bad AT ALL! :-)

*lays down to sleep with a smile on the face*

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