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Watch me Soar


Changes… The one constant in anyone’s life. They are that thing that bring flavour to it… I mean… Imagine how boring and bland it would be if we simply did the same day after day after day?!?

Doesn’t matter how much you try to resist there are things that are just out of control. Life has the habit of throwing curve balls at you from time to time and the interesting about curve balls is that most times even if you hit it you have no way to know where it’s going.

My life if going through changes again… And for once the winds seem to be changing to a favourable direction… :-)

I see myself smiling… Good things are finally happening… And yes I know there are still bad days, but every now and again you also get good moments… And you know what? They are WORTH all the suckage that gets thrown about.

Life is not perfect, but you wanna know what? I don’t think I could cope with the perfect life… That’s me… And I’ve realised that I either accept that or I’ll be forever miserable. And guess what… I refuse to live a miserable life.

A smile goes a long way to make you and others feel better… I I get to fly the nest again to find a new perch and as Livi told me just the other day: why on earth am I stressed about it? I should be seeing it as a new adventure and actually be excited about it.

New home, new chapter in the life of me and new adventures… And gosh I wish I could tell all that’s coming up in the next few months… But I guess like me you will have to be patient and wait…

Ah… Guess what… The Dad of The Monkeys has got his mojo back… So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave. And the way I feel right now I know nothing in this world can stop me…

“I’m a leaf on the wind…watch how I soar.”

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  1. And what else do I always say? “Livi is always right!”


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