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Yes man!!


Just as a little thought…

Why on earth don’t we say YES more often?!??

I mean… Imagine the possibilities. How far can you get??? The things you can accomplish and the people you could meet and places you could stand your feet at .

Yes can help you conquer fear…

Yes is always yes… Unlike no that can become a maybe with a little persistence… A maybe is a no wanting to be a yes… And a yes… Well… A yes is a yes!

-> use this knowledge wisely… Some NOs do mean no… Just saying…

Do you know the origins of oppression? Well… NO is… No is the word most kids hear most often from the grown ups in their lives… Someone told me this about 10 years ago: And what if Instead of clipping the wings of our children before they can learn to fly we encouraged and empowered them to do so?? They would be limitless!!! Imagine the possibilities!?!?

Yes… I am rambling maybe… But I have decided to say yes more often… I mean… What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll never know if I don’t have a go, right?!?!? So why not???

I think I made my point tho right?!?

So… yes man!!! Lets kick some butt! šŸ˜‰

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