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Fashionably Late…


Anyone who knows me will also know I make a bit of a habit of being fashionably late…

… I can’t help it… I swear I don’t do it on purpose!

You will also know I am always all over the place doing one thing or another… And jumping between them as the day goes by. So yeah… It isn’t EXACTLY my fault… is it? Please say it isn’t?!?!

On the other hand though… I am not a very big fan of waiting either… I get bored pretty easily.

Thank goodness, though, I’ve been spoiled rotten throughout the years and have always dated women that are a little bit anal about being always in time. (that’s mostly their words not mine, so don’t shoot me!).

With time some of it kinda rubbed on me tho… maybe… I mean… it had to right? Every time I was going somewhere WITH them was “be on time or suffer the consequences…” and believe me, if you know who I am talking about you KNOW just how true that is!

Anyway… If you been following the blog since I got back to the world of the living you will know I am currently facing one hell of a challenge… You see… I met this girl…

She is frustrating and complicated and a bit of a puzzle to me… But at the same time so very incredibly… Unique… In far too many ways that don’t come to the point right now… But that has earned her my undivided attention…

Guess I need to find a name to call her here… hummmm… Blue! It’s decided! Even though her hair is not really blue anymore… but yeah… BLUE!

Back to the point though: TIME MANAGEMENT!

It seems I am currently paying for all my sins in this area. Blue is not exactly the best at doing it. And it might surprise you, but she might  actually worse than me on that one! As in, “lets meet at 12” and arriving at 4 kinda late…

To her defense she did warn me that she is not the best at arriving places in time…. but yeah… lol

Today she surprised me though… She was only 30min late!!!!!!!! 0_0

And it was more than worth it too… *sighs* … a text message right after made me melt…


I didn’t think it would happen this fast, I didn’t want it to happen this fast, but the heart wants what the heart wants I guess… And we are getting closer… And it is all scary and delicious at the same time right now… And even thought we both decided to go and slow down a little, we simply can’t stop talking to each other from the moment we wake up to the time she falls asleep on me (it seems to be a rule between us… she always falls asleep while we talking in bed).

I think is so freaking cute!

Which brings to my next conundrum:

What do I do while I wait?!?!?! (yes…  this is a loaded question… I know)

I mean, most times is pretty easy… I try and catch up on work and other things… but there will be a time where I won’t have this option… So, my dear readers… I am open to ideas!

leave me a comment, tweet me, message me, skype me… get them flooding my inboxes…

It’s gonna be a loooooooong ride… In more ways than one… But I’ll talk about it another day…

Right now… What you think my dear friends? How shall we play the waiting game?

Hasta La Vista!


Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by a little too much wine and a well developed sense of humor… I’d still love to war ya tho!!! 😉


  1. mrsteepot

    While you wait you could meditate!

    • If I go slower than I’m going I’ll stop… And fall asleep! Lol!
      But yes… Meditation huh… Good plan!


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