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What’s in Your Cards?


I’ll be honest with you… half the time I have no idea what I’m doing till I’m doing it.

Planning ahead was never my strong suite, even when I actually did it. I am the sort of guy that will improvise and bend rules even when there is a plan made in advance to be followed.

Is that a bad thing?

I’ve been feeling stuck this week… Like… VERY stuck… as in I had NO IDEA what came next AT ALL…

Spent most of the weekend in my room trying to figure out where to go next. Been feeling a little overwhelmed since last week. Confused to say the lease, but mostly because I simply don’t know… There is just TOO MUCH going on.

Out of an impulse, I asked Livi to read my Tarot and see what it said…

I’m not gonna go into too many details… but if I had to resume what it said there in one word, there is NO DOUBT that this word would be CHILL!! And then there would be a close second too: SEE THINGS THROUGH (is there one word to define that?!?!?!) !!

You see…. I am incapable of saying no sometimes… and even when I do I am still very tempted to change my mind just to say yes just to see where it goes… I figure, What the heck… Life is too short, RIGHT?!?!

So I take on too much stuff… And end up neglecting some of the important ones because of all the sideshows.

Yeah… that is a bad thing.

Looks like I’ll have to learn to let some things go before I can move forward in other things… And I know exactly what to do right now… I have a plan!

Question is… How many bendy roads will I go to see this one through… and how many times am I going to stray from the it before I can get to the destination?

Guess we’ll see…

Hasta La Vista!

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