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While You Wait


So… Blue read my last blog post…. xD

Between giggles and a mischievous tone she told me: “I dare you to write about what crosses your mind while you wait for me…” Now this should be interesting… I the first thing that I thought…

With the same mischievous air she added: “I’m gonna hop in the shower now. Let your imagination do it’s thing. I’ll be misbehaving myself :P!”

Damn it Blue!!! You REALLY know how to push my buttons huh?!?!?

Okay… Challenge Accepted!!!

What crossed my mind then… Well, firstly the obvious… A Very cheeky Blue undressing with a cheeky grin in her face, knowing my imagination would be going wild. Slowly taking off piece by piece until there is simply nothing left.

With the same mischievous smile she’d pop into the shower and start soaping her body… But you see… I can be a little mischievous too… So told her she wasn’t allowed to leave the shower until she had climaxed 3 times whilst thinking of things I’d do to her…

so I believe it is obvious what comes next? The water washing over her naked body, hands and fingers following the contours and curves, grasping her own breasts and pinching nipples whilst her free hand reaches down… fingers dipping and rubbing, playfully enticing senses… Breading hard… sighing and groaning loudly… Till she’s done what I asked… Still grinning with satisfaction knowing in my mind it could be much… much… dirtier…

Stepping out of the shower, her hair and body damp walking towards me… Kissing me… As her towel falls…

The rest of what I thought… Well… That is just none of your business my dear reader…

And I will leave it to your imagination… 😉

What comes next? I have no idea… But I can’t wait to find out… 😉

Hasta la Vista!

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