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The Wheels on the Bus…



Go round and round… round and round…. round and round… AAAAAALL DAY LONG!

I can’t take this song from my head…  It just… stays there, no matter what I try to replace it too.

Think it might actually have something to do with the way I am feeling right now too… You know that thing you do at the end of each year, where you analyze how was your previous year and see where you stand right now… And compare if you’ve moved forwards or backwards?

I woke up with this in my mind today…

2015 has been a heck of a ride… In every single aspect of my life…

Last year at this time of the year I was in Brasilia. Thinking of how funny that my life moves in cycles and one way or another those cycles always end and start there, Where I was born… A city that hasn’t been “home” to me in a few years… And yet… Every time I am there and breathe in the thick air into my lungs I can’t help myself: I’m home.

This year, as I look back I can see all the changes straight away. I am most definitely where i started this year.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss…”

I’m not sure I can say I’m still not rolling though. My life is in constant flux… Constant change… And more than enough times things happen at the same time. More than enough time two elements fight to take a vacant place, and as it stands right now, I don’t know how to choose between them.

I am most definitely not in the same place I was when this year began tho…

I thought I’d be happy for 2015 to be over. It has been a bumpy ride! Loads of hurt… Friendships made and lost. New people slotting into my life, while some have left with no hope of coming back.

I haven’t quite fixated the roots I wanted to, but at least I know where is home for now. There is no moss as I am still a rolling stone… But one that is starting to find where is the ground underneath… And maybe, just maybe there will be less rolling in the year that starts in less than a month.

I’m still fighting… And in more instances than I would like, still waiting.

I gotta say tho… Some things… Some people… Are more than worth the wait.

And what ever it is that is coming in the wake of 2016, I know I’ll be strong enough to take head on, thanks to 2015.

A few more days till this year is over… A few more days for stones to roll… A few more days for things to get into their right places… a few more days to make this year count.

Life is SO REPETITIVE… Bit it is our duty to make it FUN!

Hasta la vista!


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