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10 Things (or more) to do Before I Die

The other day I was driving home and listening to one of my mum’s CDs (it was on the CD player and the radio was boring) and one of the songs in that CD kinda made me cry… the name of the song is Live Like you were Dying by  Tim McGraw… It was a good cry tho… The sort that makes you think “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!?!” sort of cry…

Made me realise I have 2 alternatives: Either wake up and leave the whole depression business behind and get on with it… there is still too much to be done and those things won’t do themselves (yeah… I know… it is harder said than done…) or put a bullet in me head and end up my misery (hard to do as well as you can’t really buy guns in the UK can you????).

Well… As you can say I have chosen the 1st alternative and I have decided to embrace it with all that’s in it, the good the bad and the ugly… And I have a plan…

This plan has a few steps… and one of them was to elaborate a list of things to do before I die… I started ambitious and my first number was of 100 tasks and got straight into google to get myself an idea of how to populate that list… Well… it seems to me that this would be harder than I thought… and the main reason of my difficulty in that is… well…

I’ve done most things on the lists I found on google:

I have sky dived, I have crossed a country in a bike (okay… maybe not crossed, but have you seen how long the BR101 in Brazil is? is kinda like crossing the UK), I have gone mountain Climbing and have abseiled down a 50mt waterfall (and down one of the sides of the Twickenham Stadium), I got married (and am getting divorced) and have 3 beautiful children… I have been a Stay at Home Dad.  I have been successful in my profession and have worked for myself after that, I’ve lived in New York and lived in a beach town… I’ve surfed and ridden a motorbike. I have travelled and lived abroad… I have spent time in a shanty town aiding  in the community, I’ve gone bungee-jumping. I’ve climbed an active volcano and camped on top of the Andes under snow… I’ve gone scuba-diving AND snorkeling. I have had classes on piloting a small airplane, I have driven a Ferrari, a Mustang, a Camaro a Montecarlo and have street raced a tuned car. I have Photographed amazingly hot women wearing nothing or next to nothing and been paid to do it… Oh… yeah… I took up on photography… I’ve had photos published in magazines and newspapers in 3 countries… I’ve been on TV, I’ve had a newspaper column and I was part of a band and we have performed to a full audience… I have danced a tango in Argentina. I have competed in Adventure Races… I have shot a gun (1st class sharp shooter me…). I speak 3 languages fluently… I have participated of a public protest more than once… and almost been arrested for it once. (even took a can of Tear Gas in my head once)… I have kissed in the rain and I have been to a nudist beach (colony even… was fun!)… And that is just the stuff that crossed my mind now and not adding the naughty ones… *blushes*

Yeah… I’ve been quite busy ove the past 31 years huh?!?!

Now you see my predicament?!?!?! For me to have a list of things to do before I die that will actually challenge e the stuff in it will have to be bloody BIG! But at the same time realistic…

Only thing is I need ideas… And that, my beloved reders, is where you come in in the plan (well one of the ways). So far what I have is:

1 – Write and publish a book

2 – Expose my Photos in a gallery (or similar)

3- Leave a legacy for my children

4 – Put my feet in every continent in this world (Done North and South America and Europe… only Asia, Africa and Australia to go… (think Antarctic is doable?!?!!?)

5 –  Throw a big party for twitter friends… but not just any party… THE PARTY (ummmm… that gives me an idea…) Would you come?!?!?!?!? 😉

Yeah…. I know it’s not a lot… but that’s what I have in mind at this precise moment… the list will grow… and there are 5 more items to add to it…. so well… I would like to count on ya to help me fill up the spots on the next few days and when I have all the positions filled up I’ll start working to cross one by one (in no particular order) and I will be blogging every step of the way…

THAT is my challenge… yours is to find me 5 more things that I HAVE to do before I die… More if I think is well worth it… You can leave it in a comment, email, SMS, call me… whatever way you want… just give me ideas and let me know why you think I should do it?!?!

Looking forward for that one… :-)

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Cleaning Up the Mess @ #LondonRiots

It is sad but not very hard to predict that it would happen sooner or later… It still shocked me to see it all over the news tho… London was on fire… In more ways than one… I sat with the TV on and follow the happenings on twitter… It makes me wonder what the hell is happening to society.

The media described the fires as not seen like is since the London Blitz. And it was caused mostly by BOYS as young as 16 years old… Terrorists… It is sad, but I really have no other words to describe them…

“I’m not a thief but I am doing this because I am angry” said one of the rioters to a film crew.

Being angry doesn’t really justify going out and destroying and looting does it? Pillaging and braking into the business and homes of people you see on a daily basis… yeah… most of the mess was made in the areas those idiots lived in.

It scares the hell out of me to remember that my sons are growing into a world like that… And to think that some of it happened at the doorsteps of where I lived a little over a year ago, simply gives me big shivers…

I hope I can raise my sons to be better than that… but  I know as a parent there is only so far I can go. Our kids are immensely affected by the environment they grow at. and unfortunately there are far too many parents that can be a perfect example of exactly how not to be one. I don’t quote the bible much in my posts but there is one bit that I can’t help but quote: “teach a child in the way they should go and they won’t depart from it” … We just need to make sure they are pointed in the right way…

There clearly is a misconception over what is the best way to go…

Not everything is so bleak though… as things were still happening last night I read on my timeline a #hashtag named #RiotCleanUp with people urging the population to get out there this morning and help clean up the mess left behind by people with not a lot in their brains… Now THAT is something worth advertising and I do hope the media gives them A LOT more attention than they are giving to the idiots causing all that mess.

If you want more info into where people are getting together and know how you can help, check the hashtags  #riotwombles and #riotcleanup  visit or follow them on twitter at @riotcleanup . Anything you can do helps, even Retwitting their posts.

They have used twitter to organise and cause havoc… I am just happy we can all use twitter not just to condemn what those idiots did, but also to organize an appropriate response and get people together to do some good for a change…

Light up the Darkness!

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Action Stations

It’s late night so I’m not going to take too long in saying what I have to say today… It is simple really… And I can’t wait to share all details with you.

Some of you already know some of the little projects I’m up to… and some have already received an invitation to be part of it in one way or another.

A few weeks back I posted about how much I miss being involved in positive things… How I crave being out there, in the thick if it instead of being locked up inside an office from 9 to 5 every day… To be honest with you that would probably just finish me off. :)

I have spent my whole professional life trying to make things look good so people like you and me would want to buy them.

That made my clients (and my employers) a lot of money but it didn’t really do much to do much good to anybody else.

Well… You can call me crazy and all… But that is what I want to do from now on. Find ways to to raise awareness to worth causes, without charging extortionate  amounts of money to charities that actually need the money… And The more bloggers I can get involved in it the better (there’s something for everyone getting involved in it as well… everybody wins… so watch this space :) )

Ladies and gents… It is my pleasure to pre-introduce Action Stations Network.

The official release with more info on how things are going to work and how you can get involved will happen on June 1st at . But you can follow every step through our twitter accounts @actionstations and @bloggersforgood (please follow… 😉 )

This is a project that has been in my heart for quite some time but for a reason or another kept being pulled back in favor of one thing or another… I just think enough is enough…

Part of finding myself again is finding out what I want to do with my life… and stick to it… only way to be happy… and that’s what I am doing, and I hope I can count on you on that one.

Watch for this space… and well this one too… many exciting things are coming about!

Time to do some good for a change…


10 Things (or more) to do Before I Die

The other day I was driving home and listening to one of my mum’s CDs (it was on...
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Cleaning Up the Mess @ #LondonRiots

It is sad but not very hard to predict that it would happen sooner or later… It...
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Action Stations

It’s late night so I’m not going to take too long in saying what I have to...
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