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Today’s word

And today’s word is brought to you by the letter P.


Yes boys and girls… Today’s word is porn… And I shall not comment any further on it apart from the customary dispensation of the worldly known advice: THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN!

*giggles away*


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Watch me Soar

Changes… The one constant in anyone’s life. They are that thing that bring flavour to it… I mean… Imagine how boring and bland it would be if we simply did the same day after day after day?!?

Doesn’t matter how much you try to resist there are things that are just out of control. Life has the habit of throwing curve balls at you from time to time and the interesting about curve balls is that most times even if you hit it you have no way to know where it’s going.

My life if going through changes again… And for once the winds seem to be changing to a favourable direction… :-)

I see myself smiling… Good things are finally happening… And yes I know there are still bad days, but every now and again you also get good moments… And you know what? They are WORTH all the suckage that gets thrown about.

Life is not perfect, but you wanna know what? I don’t think I could cope with the perfect life… That’s me… And I’ve realised that I either accept that or I’ll be forever miserable. And guess what… I refuse to live a miserable life.

A smile goes a long way to make you and others feel better… I I get to fly the nest again to find a new perch and as Livi told me just the other day: why on earth am I stressed about it? I should be seeing it as a new adventure and actually be excited about it.

New home, new chapter in the life of me and new adventures… And gosh I wish I could tell all that’s coming up in the next few months… But I guess like me you will have to be patient and wait…

Ah… Guess what… The Dad of The Monkeys has got his mojo back… So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave. And the way I feel right now I know nothing in this world can stop me…

“I’m a leaf on the wind…watch how I soar.”

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The Midnight Launch


Did I ever say how much I love being a blogger?

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Just because…

So it’s 3am and I’m laying in bed fully awake and thinking… I know what you gonna say… “Oh no, here comes trouble”… But fact is that for once there is no trouble…

It might sound strange coming from me, but even though I need to find a place to live, need a regular income (as usual cash is an issue), have 3 children to help provide for, seem to attract the most complicated clients… And incredibly complicated women into my life… I feel… Tranquil…

No stress… No anxiety… Just… Calm…

And for the first time in an incredibly long time I feel like blogging here…

I missed it to be honest.

I admit that taking to a next level was simply the natural course of life… But it took a bit if a toll on my passion for blogging. I don’t like being told what to write… Never did… And yes, the last word is mine but judging what would be commercial and what not in a way goes against all I believe blog stood for… And then again… It’s part of the game. I don’t think I’m a fan of being told what to do full stop. Yeah… That’s me… A rebel without a cause… ;-)

But all of a sudden I feel like talking straight from the heart again… And I love that…

I don’t expect this post to make any sense, or to have any sort of continuity… I’m just pulling things out of my head… An exercise to try and find my voice again… And then maybe I’ll start loving it again…

Yes! This would be good! :-)

Lets see where this goes… For tonight there is only one thing I can do: sleep.

Morning comes and a new day starts soon…

Hasta la vista!

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It is unavoidable… One of those things that that are as clear as sunlight… early or later there will be a time in any blogger’s career where he or she will feel burnt out or simply wonder where things are going…

It’s kinda like any relationship really. What do you do when it gets too personal… What do you do next?

Yeah… Ok… Maybe I am overthinking this… But I blame it on Sunniva Anne… She posted and tagged me asking why do I blog in a moment where I’ve been trying to define this myself.

And the weirdest thing is that after 9 years I still don’t know the answer to that. My blog has had quite a few incarnations, you see? It started as a travel blog the first time I came to the UK. Then it followed my adventures with the person that then became my (ex) wife and mum of my 2 eldest sons… It saw and witnessed me falling in love again to the woman that became the mum of my 3rd son… An account of my family life and my adventures as a dad. It saw the rise and fall of different stages in my life… It has been the one constant when my life got turned upside down… Twice…

Urbanvox is not my only name I have signed under as well… I ran 2 other blogs parallel for quite a while… One of them Documenting a rather naughty side of mine which I’ve decided to explore when I found myself alone for the 1st time in well… forever. The other one talking about my constant search trying to find myself… This spiritual endeavour only came to confirm that the search never ends… We live… We learn… We adapt and add to what is there already… Simple…

why do I blog? Why not? I mean… As part of the human race we’ve have been trying to leave our mark since the beginning of times… Hieroglyphs, letters, monuments, books… Isn’t the internet the media of the times we live in? I guess like the older generations I want to carve my story on the walls of time…

I wonder if future generations will ever read it… A judge asked me a couple of months ago why do I share photos of my sons on the internet… That made me think… I guess the answer to that would be for the same reason his generation used to make dozens and dozens of printed albums… To show them to people… Only difference is that now we can show hem to more and more people instead of just to our immediate neighbourhood like it used to be not so long ago… Globalisation… The world is our neighbourhood…

Because of places like my blog or Facebook my family, which is scattered around the globe, can get to know what’s going on in my life and my sons so much easier than if I had to spam their emails all the time.

We live in the social media generation… Scary thought though is t it? I have been much more careful on what I share and what I don’t lately… But it I still instinctively to pull my mobile and twit my sons latest achievements or snap a photo and Facebook it…

It is part of who I am already… Part of who we are as bloggers…

Why do I blog? Well… Why not?

(That doesn’t help much does it??? ;) )

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Taking a moment to breathe

I’m an empty glass…
Well this is how it feels right now to be honest… I am exhausted and can’t focus in one thing when I have so much in my head that there is not enough “space at the door” to let it all out.
You know what I mean? Hope you do because, to be honest, I don’t think I have it in me to explain it all right now.
I think I need a break from life…
I need space to breathe…
I need to take the road and go somewhere… Anywhere… And forget my life even if just a couple of days…
I need to clear some space in my head so I’m taking a break from a few things… And blogging here will unfortunately be one of them.
Oh… I’m still blogging at bringing to you the “what he said” column and some of the best places to be “out& about” as well as some great photoshoots we have planned for our readers.
I just can’t be HERE now…
It’s time I dedicate more time to priorities…
You can still find me on twitter @DadOfTheMonkeys and @urbanvox… And I might pop an update here every now and then… But for now that’s what’s best.
I’ll be back when I have a little more headspace… At least enough that I can dedicate time to “me”…
It’s not a good bye… It’s a see you later, in another life.. When we are both ducks. ;-)

Carpe Diem.

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- Kids spend 587 hours per year playing video games

- Children spend just 2.6 hours per week outdoors

- 31% families never hold social events in their garden

GOGGLE-EYED youngsters spend almost five entire days every month playing videogames and watching TV, a shocking new national study has revealed.

The survey* by Ronseal shows that children in the UK now spend an average of 4.7 days a month playing Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation or watching television instead of playing outdoors. That’s a staggering 587 hours per year playing on their videogame console and 784 hours every year glued to the box – a combined total of more than 56 days a year sitting in front of the TV.

The time that kids spend outdoors is even further impacted by the endless hours youngsters spend chatting to friends on Facebook and surfing the net.

The study found that outdoor time equated to just 2.6 hours per week for the average British youngster, or a paltry 5.76 days in the fresh air every year– 10 times less fresh air than TV time. In fact, only 11% of families admit to only taking part in family outdoor activities together such like ball games or bike rides, once a year. And 25% of the nation partake in outdoor family fun no more than once a month.

Families are also spending fewer hours per month together in their gardens, according to the study of 2,000 Brits nationwide. Families now spend an average of just 2.5 days per month in their garden.

Despite these shocking statistics an astonishing 59% of parents still deny that their children spend too much time indoors. Yet the majority (55%) admit when they were youngsters they spent far more time outdoors than their own children do now.

Four out of ten parents (40%) admit the biggest obstacle to their children playing outside is that, as parents, they don’t feel it is safe for youngster to play outside or they claim they don’t have the time to supervise their children’s outdoor play. A further 11% say their children simply don’t enjoy playing outside.

Almost a third of UK families (31%) admit they never hold social events in their garden and for one in five (22%) socialising in the garden is just an annual event. More than four in 10 children (42%) never help their parents with the gardening, according to the research.

Celebrity gardening expert Kim Wilde, who is fronting Ronseal’s Go On, Get Outdoors campaign to encourage Brits to spend more time outside, said: “It is sad to see that so many children in this generation are virtual strangers to playing outside.

“They spend hour after hour playing videogames or watching TV or at the expense of getting outdoors and playing with friends or family in the fresh air. Just 20 years ago it was routine for children to come home from school, ditch their stuff and rush straight outdoors to play with friends in their garden or in the street. These days they are ten times more likely to be sitting in front of the TV or playing videogames. It’s definitely time to do something positive to change this situation and I sincerely hope the Ronseal Get Outdoors campaign will help get families back out in their gardens.”

Kate Sitch, from Ronseal, said: “Socialising and playing games or sports in the garden should be daily part of children’s lives. Unfortunately our research has shown that this just isn’t the case.

“We are hoping that through Ronseal’s Go On, Get Outdoors campaign we can really make a difference to children’s lives by encouraging parents and kids to turn off the TV and step outside into their gardens and start enjoying some fresh air, whatever the weather.”


- Children spend 4.7 days per month playing video games and watching TV (56 days per year)

- Children spend total of 587 hours per year playing video games

- Children spend total 784 hours per year watching TV

- Children spend 2.6 hours per week outdoors (5.7 days per year)

- 11% families take part in outdoor activities together once per year

- 25% families take part in outdoor activities together one per month

- Families spend an average of 2.5 days per month in the garden

- 59% parents deny their children spend too much time indoors

- 55% parents spent more time outdoors when they were younger than their children

- 40% parents don’t think it’s safe for children to play outside unsupervised

- 11% parents believe children don’t enjoy playing outside

- 31% families never hold social events in their garden

- 22% families only hold social events in their garden once per year

- 42% children never help their parents with the gardening

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