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When this began I had nothing to say
And I get lost in the nothingness inside of me. I was confused…
And I let it all out to find, That I’m not the only person with these things in mind…
(Linkin Park – Somewhere I belong)

And then the nothingness became something… And from something came my everything…

Hi! I’m Yuri… how do you do?

Social Media Enthusiast (now trying to run with the big boys) & Gadget Freak should define me in a nutshell – I Feel naked without my iPhone.

This is where UrnanVox Limited came from: this love, nearing obsession I have for all things Social Media, in special anything that allows and incentive creative ways to transmit a message… whatever this message is.

Nope, we are not a PR agency and don’t aspire to be one… We do, however, love to work WITH them (so PR Guys, you are MORE than welcome to give us a shout!! 😉 )

Photography is my game so you will find LOADS of on this website but you will also find that I wear many, many hats… Design is one of them – mostly for internet but every now and then I let the creative,  artsy me lose to have some fun. I do love experimenting… DSLR Video is one of the newest experiments here at UrbanVox and I can say I am Honestly LOVING it. Add all of that to a Social Media Set and BOOM! Great things can happen.

This whole adventure started when I started blogging in 2002 when I decided to throw caution to the wind, buy a ticket to a place far far away (which ended up being the UK) and take the road less travelled… My blog then became a travel log… then I met a chick that seemed madder than me, married her and became a dad and the other half coping with PND and my blog was my escape… and the log of my adventures as a dad… UrbanVox is the latest incarnation of my blogging career and it started as I started taking my Photography to a professional level… That was in February 2005, and still going…

I am a  super dad to 3 amazing monkeys monkeys that never stop surprising me… And in the Blog you will will stumble in quite a lot about them… I learn most of my lessons and get a lot of my inspiration for designs and other brilliant things from watching them… And some of the things they tell me make a lot more sense than what most adults say…

Please feel free tho get in touch for any more info referent to services, reviews and PR opportunities by clicking here.

Life is so repetitive, but it is our duty to make it FUN!

Welcome to UrbanVox.Net


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